Univox DLS-33TV UK Loop Amplifier with AutoScart, TV Sync and Loop Pad

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Univox DLS-33TV UK Loop Amplifier with AutoScart, TV Sync and Loop Pad
  • Complete induction loop kit with loop pad or sofa loop for LCD/plasma TV/digibox/satellite/VHS/DVD
  • Digital synchronization of the sound to eliminate echo/delay problems with LCD/plasma TVís (TV Sync)
  • Automatic scart control built-in (cable included)
  • 2 inputs for microphone/stereo/MP3
  • Automatic gain control (dual action AGC)
  • LEDís for indication of mains power connection and loop current
  • Volume thumbwheel (digits for easy setting of right level) and tone control
  • Loop pad can be replaced by sofa loop cable or neck loop

Univox DLS-33TV is a complete assistive listening device for hearing aid users watching TV. DLS-33TV is developed for LCD/plasma screens which often have an echo or delay problem when connected to an induction loop systems. With a built-in control (TV Sync) the TV sound is synchronized correctly. Place the loop pad in your favourite chair and tune your hearing aid into T-position. Thanks to the built-in gain control (dual action AGC) DLS-33TV delivers a very smooth and pure sound.

DLS-33TV has a built-in automatic scart (Euro connector) control which is easily connected to the scart output of your TV. The autoscart function is needed whenever you have one or more signal sources (digibox, VHS etc.) connected to the TV and secures the right sound in the loop. If you have several signal sources, make sure they are all serial connected. All but the last unit must have double scart connectors. In the case a serial connection is not possible, a microphone (accessory) can be connected to the loop amplifier and attached to your TV's speaker grid. If you want to connect your radio or stereo or a microphone to the loop amplifier, use one of the two 3.5 mm inputs. These inputs make it possible to connect up to three different signal sources to DLS-33TV at the same time.

For coverage of a larger area a sofa loop (accessory) can be connected to the amplifier instead of the loop pad.

Univox DLS-33TV