Univox DLS-3TV Compact Domestic Loop Amplifier for LCD/Plasma TV

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The Univox DLS-3TV is a complete domestic solution for hearing aid users who want an assistive listening device for watching TV. The DLS-3TV was developed specifically for LCD/plasma screens which typically have echo or delay problems together with induction loop systems. With the Univox TV Sync control, the TV sound is synchronized correctly.

The unit comes with an optical Toslink cable, however you can also use a coaxial cable in the optical input if you prefer. If you want to add a radio, stereo or microphone to the loop amplifier then you can use one of the two 3.5mm inputs. These inputs mean that it's possible to connect up to three different signal sources to the DLS-3TV at the same time.

Once connected to your devices, you simply place the loop pad in your favourite chair, then sit down and set your hearing aid to the T-position. If you need coverage for a larger area then a sofa loop (sold separately) can be connected to the amplifier instead of the loop pad. For availability of these accessories, please contact our sales team on 0191 414 4241 and we'll happily discuss your options with you.

Thanks to the built in gain control (dual action AGC), the DLS-3TV delivers pure and smooth sound for your TV or any other media source.

- The DLS-3TV is a hearing loop driver for TV or other media sources
- There is an optical input for Toslink/coaxial cable
- There is a volume thumbwheel (digits for easy setting of right level) and tone control
- There is automatic gain control (dual action AGC)
- There are two inputs for microphone/stereo/computer etc.
- There are LED's for indication of mains power connection and loop current
- There is digital synchronization of the sound to eliminate echo/delay problems with LCD/plasma TV's (TV Sync)
- It works with a loop pad, sofa or room loop cable, neck loop and loop mat
- It complies with field strength standard IEC 60118-4