Univox PLS-X3 Loop Amplifier

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Univox PLS-X3 Loop Amplifier
Univox PLS-X3 is suitable for small theatres, waiting areas, conference facilities and medium sized rooms. 

  • 1U high and 1⁄2 width (19" rack) for side by side mounting to save rack space.
  • Parametric Metal-Loss-Control for various types of metallic influences.
  • Built-in System diagnostics, to isolate a system malfunction.
  • Programmable XLR, RCA and screw terminal input connectors.
  • Dual Action AGC for unsurpassed intelligibility.
  • Low frequency masking filter for voice enhancement.
  • 50-100 V input.
  • Voice alarm system input thatoverrides all other input signals.
  • No internal fans are needed as there is no power leakage. Cooling is due to efficient design.
  • 10 W output for connecting a speaker to monitor/verify driver activity.
  • Front panel placed controls for easy installer access.
  • Recessed controls to prevent tampering.
  • Rack mounting kit.

Space and power efficiency

PLS-X series is the most efficient professional loop drivers available. The units are only 1U high and 1⁄2 widths, making it possible to mount two drivers in one single 19" rack mount. Univox PLS-X series uses a 90 % efficient electronic transformer. Energy waste in a conventional power supply is comparably 8-9 times higher. Weight is reduced by use of significantly less copper and other metals than conventional loop drivers, leaving a much smaller carbon footprint. PLS-X loop drivers produces an amazingly clear sound which is not possible using conventional toroid transformers as modulation distortion is unavoidable.

The self-diagnostic system

When activated, input connection, AGC, pre and power driver and consistency of loop conductor will be diagnosed. The diagnostics will indicate what systems are operational and which are not. The built-in signal generator, which is part of the self-diagnostic system, can be used to set just the output level if a different signal source is not available.

Enhanced metal compensation 

Univox PLS-Xs are equipped with a unique Parametric MLC (Metal Loss Correction) to fine tune for the effects of metal loss. It allows the installer to further compensate for metal damping effects and not just simply by increasing level from one starting frequency. (See graph.)